Finished working on our first promo video. See the full video by clicking the link on my bio or go to It’s the first video you see. Our company has partnered up with The Ring Wars. A new series of martial arts that has never been seen before. Live events, real sweat, real pain, raw and unscripted. This will definitely be a show you do NOT want to miss.

The Ring Wars concept: “A different theme for each series of The Ring Wars is the driving force that keeps the show fresh & exciting at every turn.”

“Every contender on the show comes in as a novice with absolutely no previous fight experience. With the highest levels of safety provisions in place with Doctors/Medics/Psychologists on board, the safety and health of our fighters is our first priority.” If you want to get in the action or want more details about this next big hit, click the link in my bio. #boxing #ringwars #dedication #loyal #focus #motivation #one #champion #mma #muythai #kickboxing #health #fitness #gym #inspiration @floydmayweather